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01 August 2005 @ 12:05 am
So we meet again. It seems you have found out how to post on thhis journal site.
Well this village's name is Sakura. Due to the fact that well there are two Sakura trees that sit outside just before the courtyard in a grassy area near the Inn. These two trees are considered to have some sort of magical power for they bloom year round and weather never seems to alter them. Now the trees were not always here, they were originally just outside of Nibelheim, but when the mansion collapsed due to....age and other various things, the trees followed us to our new location which is just outside Junon. Here's a little bit of history for you...
The trees give off life energy which is drawn from the power of the Ancients. The Ancient's or Cetra were the very first lifeforms on this planet, they did the Goddess' will and brought life to the desolate landscape. Eventually though people...from another planet came to Gaia and saw how prosperous the land was, they wanted the magic of the Cetra for themselves but found that they could not figure out how to harness it. The lifestream is what gives every living thing on this planet life and the Cetra are the only ones able to control this power. The invaders as the Ancients called them begain to experiment on the Cetra trying to find how they could control this power for themselves...they later dubbed this as the search for the 'Promised Land' Eventually the Cetra began to decrease in numbers as more and more people came down from the other planet. It was an extermination and the Cetra were losing terribly. Not all the people were bad however and some even fell in love with the Ancients...it was one such couple that gave birth to one of the last surving Ancients, Aeris would later be considered the 'key' to the 'Promised Land' she died in fact saving the very planet she loved...the 'Promised Land' was never found...
....They're are only a handful of Cetra living today...
...And I am one of them...
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22 July 2005 @ 11:49 pm
I am Hatake Kakashi and the newest member of this village. I have already spoken with the leader here and I just wish to announce (and ask) a few things.

- I have suspicions that the reason I am here is to train three certain ninja. I have found them and they will be under my care as of tomorrow. I have yet to learn their names, but I shall edit this post once I do so.

- Yes, I am a ninja.

Now, may I ask some questions of my own. What is the name of this village? This country? What is the symbol of this village, or what would it be if there was one? Also, any other important information that I would should be given would be appreciated. Otherwise, I am sure I will find it out myself.

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24 October 2003 @ 01:43 am
No one has bothered to update this in a while, have they? I cannot say I blame you all, a lot has been happening recently.

At least the war is over, right? Yeah... but things just won't ever be the same since the Viruses started their campaign, will it? I wasn't here before the war started, but I have seen it change drastically since then. I can only imagine what it looked like before any of this...

It's been sad to see some people leave, but they have lives too, I guess. I don't think I'll leave though. (If you were wondering.)

The town seems to be prospering nicely, though. That is good news for us.

What are we all going to do now, with the quest and war over with? I won't feel very productive just living day by day...

Any word yet on the missing children? Its really sad... I hope they all are alright...

If not, I'm sure you all can take one of Kaylee and Mystere's kids. They seem to have enough to spare. :P
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Song: "Shining Collection" from the CD crazy little Ryuichi gave out.
21 July 2003 @ 10:24 pm
... that Papaya and I are back. If anyone cared, that is. Any inquiries regarding the elevator or any technology will be answered now. I'd rather not talk about my honeymoon experience, however...

Has anyone any new information about our enemy since I was gone? I was thinking that we could use more space weaponry, as they are in space after all.

What about this 'Valentine's day' thing? I heard about that and I know its coming up soon. Can anyone help me out with that...?
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09 July 2003 @ 04:28 pm
There seems to be many childbirths happening recently. With that in mind, has anyone ever thought of us establishing a daycare here? I do not know how well that would go, but it is just a thought.
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03 July 2003 @ 10:43 pm
hey we can post announcements on here right? well i think our band (lost kauze) should hold a practice session tomorrow. sometime in the morning in the studio kay? we havent been able to practice as a group yet and i think we should while we have the chance. thanks im looking forward to it.
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30 June 2003 @ 10:52 am
I wrote a song the other day for our band...

here it is.

"When I think about my life, I wonder if I will survive
to live to see 25 or will I just fall? Like all my friends
they just keep dying, people 'round me always crying.
In this place that I like to call my home.
Well not everybody knows, that everybody goes to a better place.
And not everybody knows that everybody could be living their last days.
But the hard time will come, and we'll keep movin' on, we're movin' up, keep movin' on. (on and on)
Life. Hope. Truth. Trust. Faith. Pride. Love. Lust. On without the things we've lost. The things we've gained we'll take with us.

And all I've got are these two hands, to make myself a better man.
I wonder if I'll ever see the end of this.
With all this rain that just keeps falling, on my head and now I'm calling out to someone else to help me make it through.
Not everybody knows, that everybody goes to a better place.
And not everybody knows that everybody could be living their last days. But the hard times will come and we'll keep movin' on, we're movin' up, keep movin' on. (on and on)
Life. Hope. Truth. Trust. Faith. Pride. Love. Lust. Pain. Hate. Lies. Guilt. Laugh. Cry. Live. Die.

Some friends become your enemies, some friends become your family.
Make the best of what your given this ain't dying, this is living.
Said we're movin' on, and we've got nothin' to prove, to anyone.
Cause we'll get through. We're movin' on and on and on and on and on--
Keep movin' on!
Life. Hope. Truth. Trust. Faith. Pride. Love. Lust. Pain. Hate. Lies. Guilt. Laugh. Cry. Live. Die.
Some friends become your enemies, some friends become your family.
Make the best with what you're given, this ain't dying this is living!"

Well let me know what you think O.x;
30 June 2003 @ 08:41 am
Okay, as your leader I have a few things to say..

Number one, please stop filling my box with meangingless letters. I am getting tired of having to sort through the garbage I get in order to find a letter that actually needs something, or has has something important to say. I don't mind you writing to me, but don't fill up the box purposely with stupid stuff.

Number two, I do not appreciate cupcakes being thrown at me. I'm only trying to help I don't need to be hit with food.

Number three, avoid the second floor bathroom. The toilet's been blow up and until Mustadio can fix it, it's going to be locked. So don't even bother.

Please make sure other people hear this news. I'll post something on the message board but I doubt many people read that anyways.

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29 June 2003 @ 10:16 pm
This is neat. It should be easier to hold meetings this way.

As a matter of fact, I kinda have a few announcements.


The elevator is not haunted after all! Er, as a matter of fact, I think its fixed now. Thanks to Mustadio, his new apprentice Sarah, and myself.

Do not use the Emergency Stop unless it is just that -- an emergency! Don't open the panels and try to mess with the wiring either! I know a few of you like to have... *ahem* escapades in the elevator, but that will stop. That's a priviledge only the technicians of the elevator can have. If that ruins your fun, too bad. >P

Don't smash the buttons either! You may think its funny but it'll only piss us off and if I have to set up an A.I. system to restrict certain people from riding...

Next, on behalf of my poor, abused companion.... Please stop bashing Mystere. Everything that has happened is not entirely his fault. Stars, he has to deal with Kaylee, I think that is enough suffering he should endure in his life. Give the guy a break, will ya?

The same goes for our leader. She isn't like Aniki, so you all shouldn't be complaining! She's responsible, hard-working and caring! If she wants to kick, scream, wail, cry, whine, and throw things (provided nothing is broken) on top of all that... Then let her! Mind you, I'll be sure to be a good distance away but I'm not gonna stop her. Just... do yourself and her a favor and don't pester her too much. Our lives are in her hands, after all. Piss her off now and you don't know, she might cut your cord later on... (I doubt she would, but hey, it makes you think twice about it, doesn't it?)

And on a final note, I'm thinking of making lunch. I'm really hungry. .... Does anyone else like ham and cheese sandwiches?

Oh, yeah. And Papaya, again, says, "Moo." Heh.
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29 June 2003 @ 05:39 pm
Now, doesn't this make things easier? All of us can post messages in this community at any time. We can continue to have our own personal journals, but this is a rather easy and convenient way to announce things or talk to everyone at the mansion (or, I suppose, everyone at the mansion who has access to a computer) at once.

Don't be afraid to use it, but don't abuse it either. :: eyes certain people ::

Try not to argue, either. Rik will get mad. You all know you do not wish her to be angry.

That is all.
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