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22 July 2005 @ 11:49 pm
Meet-and-greet post.  
I am Hatake Kakashi and the newest member of this village. I have already spoken with the leader here and I just wish to announce (and ask) a few things.

- I have suspicions that the reason I am here is to train three certain ninja. I have found them and they will be under my care as of tomorrow. I have yet to learn their names, but I shall edit this post once I do so.

- Yes, I am a ninja.

Now, may I ask some questions of my own. What is the name of this village? This country? What is the symbol of this village, or what would it be if there was one? Also, any other important information that I would should be given would be appreciated. Otherwise, I am sure I will find it out myself.

Mood: productive